Beautiful, easy care, leak-free pools

Since our inception over 10 years ago, we have maintained a strong focus on our core values – on what’s most important: building and maintaining beautiful pools that meet the  needs and desires of our customers

Our Team’s expertise and deep knowledge in planning, project management and equipment ensures a hassle-free engagement. A holistic approach to your project will help you “gain clarity” when making all those little decisions that  culminate in your finished pool space. 

About AquaPool

We are market leaders in swimming pool construction and maintenance and work exclusively in this domain only. We provide full spectrum service, consulting, maintenance, equipment, chemicals and accessories so that customers and societies can have beautiful, hygienic and safe swimming pools.


Installation, Maintenance and Supply of Equipment

Aqua Pool Solutions provides chemicals, accessories and equipment to architects, builders and managers of swimming pools across the country

Chemicals to fix common problems

Cleaning and repair services

Consulting and project management


We help architects, builders and societies build world-class swimming pool infrastructure

At Aqua Pool Solutions, we are passionate about helping customers learn how to build, maintain and manage swimming pools so that the public feels empowered to use them freely and safely, in a hygienic way

Dealers in accessories and chemicals

Experts in consulting and maintenance activities

Superior cleaning products

Chemicals we Deal in

Trichloroisocyanuric acid

TCCA can be used in water treatment, especially in swimming pool water treatment, drinking water treatment, algae removing of industrial circulating water, treatment of industrial or city sewage, disinfection of petroleum well drilling slurry and sewage and production of seawater cells.

Sodium Hypochlorite

Sodium hypochlorite

In some countries, sodium hypochlorite is used for both oxidation and disinfection of swimming pools. When it is added to water, sodium hypochlorite increases the pH value. It is better to use chlorine as a disinfectant and an oxidizer at a pH value of 6,5.

Sodium carbonate

Sodium carbonate (Na2CO3), more commonly known as Soda Ash, is an additive to raise the pH and alkalinity in swimming pools. Soda Ash has a high pH, somewhere between 11.3-11.7. Those of you reading this who have used Soda Ash may have had it cloud up a pool.

Alum liquid gel

Alum Gel. Use of alum gel in the pool creates a gel-like substance in the water that causes microscopic suspended particles to clump together and sink to the bottom of the pool. Once all the particles have settled out of the water, these can be readily vacuumed from the pool and disposed down the waste drain.

Copper sulfate

Good pool hygiene is the best remedy against algae, but you can always try first by using plain Copper Sulphate (CuSO4) crystals dissolved in water. You can obtain this from a chemicals supplier quite cheaply. Copper concentration at 1ppm or above in the pool water is a problem.

Aluminium sulfate

Alum, short for aluminium sulfate, is a flocculant, meaning that it attracts and traps suspended particles in the water and then sinks them to the bottom of the pool so that these particles can be vacuumed out

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for removing impurities

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for cleaning pool bottoms

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Automated Chemical Dosing Pumps

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Electrical Equipment

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Disinfection Dosing Pumps

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